A Conversation with Jacob Steenwyk July 8. VI4 Artist-in-Residence Program Blog
Art with amphibians, algorithms and advocacy June 23. VI4 Artist-in-Residence Program Blog
#FungiColorPalettes is used for making the color scheme of the Vestigo Magazine Winter 2021 cover June 14. Vestigo Magazine
Alumni Spotlight, Biology Department, Spring 2021 June 12. Clark University
Curb ArtLab Fellow Jacob L. Steenwyk Recently Published a Special Issue Article on A portrait of budding yeasts February 10. The Curb Center


Announcing the Catalyst Winners November 17. MSU SciComm
COVID-19-associated pulmonary aspergillosis caused by Aspergillus fumigatus November 10. News-Medical
STEM Students Recognized for their Research and Presentation Skills at The National Diversity in STEM Conference October 25. SACNAS
Early Career Scientist Leadership Spotlight — Jacob L. Steenwyk. August 24. Genes to Genomes
Researchers discover hybrid fungus involved in lung infections. July 17. EurekAlert!
Pour la première fois, un hybride entre deux espèces de champignons filamenteux a été identifié. July 7. Futura Santé
Congratulations to the 2020 Early Career Scientist Leadership Program cohort! July 1. Genes to Genomes, Genetics Society of America
Biological Sciences Ph.D. Student Finds Creative Outlet in Science-Themed Art. June 30. Arts & Science News at Vanderbilt
Pesquisadores descobrem fungo híbrido envolvido em infecções pulmonares. June 18. Agência FAPESP
When two fungi become one. June 16. Nature Reviews Microbiology Research Highlights
New discovery shows infection of the lungs can be caused by hybrid fungi. June 4. Research News at Vanderbilt
A new hybrid fungus is found in hospitals and linked to lung disease. June 4. The Conversation
Let it Brie. May 15. The Loh Down on Science, National Public Radio.


This Fungus Mutates. That’s Good News if You Like Cheese. October 15. New York Times
Yeasts and how they came to be. September 26. Nature Reviews Microbiology
Three student-adviser pairs receive Gilliam Fellowships September 05. VUMC Reporter
Three VU doctoral students receive 2019 Gilliam Fellowships to support diversity and inclusion in science. September 03. myVU
15 SACNAS members awarded HHMI Gilliam Fellowships to Support Diversity and Inclusion in Science. August 08. SACNAS
Paleo Got It Wrong: We've Loved Carbs for Over 100,000 Years. May 24. SciShow News
Some Types Of Yeast Doing Just Fine After Losing Anti-Mutation Genes. May 22. TechTimes
Yeasts lose DNA-repair genes, and thrive. May 22. Cosmos Magazine
Without DNA repairing genes, ancient yeasts have accumulated many mutations. May 22.
Yeast species thrives, despite losing DNA repair genes years ago. May 22. News-Medical
An outlaw yeast thrives with genetic chaos – and could provide clues for understanding cancer growth. May 21. The Conversation
Life in evolution’s fast lane. May 21. EurekAlert!
ArtLab @ Vanderbilt hosts opening reception. January 18. myVU


Broad genome analysis shows yeasts evolving by subtraction. November 8. EurekAlert!
Loss is more: Today's budding yeasts shed traits from their 400-million-year-old ancestor. November 8. EurekAlert!
Today’s budding yeasts shed traits from their 400-million-year-old ancestor. November 8. myVU News

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